AVX 9176-800 Low Profile IDC Connectors

Author : Avx Published Time : 2018-06-07
AVX 9176-800 Low Profile Industrial/Transportation grade Displacement Connectors (IDC) are developed specifically for 22-26AWG discrete wires in size critical applications. By reducing the "Z" axis height by 1.0mm and the overall volume by up to 50%, these connectors are an ideal choice in space constrained applications. In addition, an expanded size range is available starting from a 1 position up to 4 positions in each wire gauge. The entire range provides new packaging solutions in industrial, medical, and transportation applications such as smart metering, LED lighting, industrial controls, and portable monitoring and measurement devices.


Redundant and fatigue resistant phosphor bronze material provides a gas tight, cold welded connection to the wireIDC connectors can be potted or over molded to encapsulate electronic modules and provide environmental protectionThe 1p version is available in industry standard colors to match individual wires for error free wire termination


Connecting discrete wires and components to a PCBBringing power and signals onto a PCBDaisy chaining or interconnecting PCB's together
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