AVX VLAS Automotive TransGuard® Varistors

Author : Avx Published Time : 2019-09-16
AVX VLAS Automotive TransGuard® Varistors are multilayer varistors with low clamping to working voltage ratio. These varistors are AEC-Q200 qualified and offer bi-directional ESD overvoltage protection as well as EMI/RFI attenuation in a single SMD package. The VLAS varistors exhibit low breakdown and provide enhanced protection for components with higher sensitivity to overvoltage. These varistors are available from 0603 to 1210 case sizes. Typical applications include infotainment, ECU, displays, microcontrollers, and low VC to VW ratio requirements.


Multilayer varistorsOffer low clamping to working voltage ratioAEC-Q200 qualifiedBi-directional ESD overvoltage protection and EMI/RFI attenuation


Available in 0603 to 1210 case size16VDC working voltage0.1J to 1.6J energy rating0.7J to 3J load dump energy


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AVX VLAS Automotive TransGuard® Varistors are multilayer varistors with low clamping to working voltage ratio. Now available at Mouser.

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