Murata uSD-M.2 Adapter Kit

Author : Murata Published Time : 2019-05-08
Murata uSD-M.2 Adapter Kit allows customized Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for NXP's i.MX Platforms. The uSD-M.2 Adapter kit features optional power, debug, and clocking signals that connect through the Arduino Header or Micro-AB USB connector. Murata uSD-M.2 Adapter Kit offers microSD interface for WLAN-SDIO and is specifically designed for compatibility with Embedded Artists' Wi-Fi/BT M.2 Evaluation Boards (EVB).


MicroSD (uSD) interface for WLAN-SDIO (SD is an option with microSD-SD adapter)Arduino headers (i.MX RT) or flat/flex connector (i.MX 6) for BT UART/PCM and WLAN/BT control signalsOptional power, debug, and clocking signals connect through Arduino Header or Micro-AB USB connector
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