Murata Power Solutions DMS01-VP Digital Voltage-Input Process Meters

Author : Murata Published Time : 2019-06-07
Murata Power Solutions DMS01-VP Digital Voltage-Input Process Meters are robust digital panel meters that provide precise measurement and display of voltage process signals on a highly visible red 1" (25mm) tall, 3½ to 4½ digit, seven-segment LED display with adjustable brightness. Murata DMS01-VP Digital Voltage-Input Process Meters provide a selectable 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC input range, up to 32 display ranges, and choice of user calibration or factory calibration modes. An external 12VDC power source provides power to the meter. An internal DC-DC converter accommodates a ±48V common-mode measurement range, with respect to the power supply input. This internal convert simplifies a wide range of measurement applications. An internal digital filter enhances performance in electrically noisy environments. These digital panel meters are ideal for laboratory instrumentation, factory automation, and other applications requiring precise current monitoring.


Measures 0-5V or 0-10V process signals32 user-selectable span (display) rangesBright 1" (25mm) red LED display, readable at distance of 80 feet (~24m)Adjustable display brightnessWide common-mode input range (±48V)


MeasurementLaboratory instrumentationFactory automationOther applications requiring precise current monitoring
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