KEMET Electronics NBL Langevin Bolt-On Piezoelectric Transducers

Author : Kemet electronics Published Time : 2019-02-04
KEMET NBL Langevin-Type Bolt-On Piezoelectric Transducers are used wherever powerful ultrasonic waves must be generated. For application flexibility and ease of installation, these transducers are mounted in a structure that can be bolted virtually anywhere. The high-performance ceramic material, NEPEC® N-61, is excellent for use in these Langevin transducers. The NBL transducers feature high quality and excellent output levels and a unique proprietary design. These KEMET components are ideal for applications such as cleaning equipment, ultrasonic treatment machines, and welders for plastic. The NBL Langevin-type bolt-on piezoelectric transducers are RoHS and REACH compliant.


High mechanical Q and excellent electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, providing a high output amplitudeHigh-speed of vibration due to the piezoelectric elementFast and easy installation


-40°C to +120°C operating temperature-20°C to +80°C recommended storage temperature28kHz to 60kHz resonant frequency range


Cleaning equipmentUltrasonic treatment machines
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