Knowles Dielectric Labs - C06CFR55C-9UN-X1T

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Knowles Dielectric Labs
Detailed description:
CAP CER 0603.
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In stock
Shelf life:
One Year
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Hong Kong
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KEY Components Co.,LTD is a Electronic Components Distributor who offers product categories including : Silicon Capacitors, Tantalum - Polymer Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors, Thin Film Capacitors, Capacitor Networks, Arrays, Tantalum Capacitors and Trimmers, Variable Capacitors ...
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We specialize in Knowles Dielectric Labs C06CFR55C-9UN-X1T electronic components. C06CFR55C-9UN-X1T can be shipped within 24 hours after order. If you have any demands for C06CFR55C-9UN-X1T, Please submit a Request for Quotation here or send us an email:

C06CFR55C-9UN-X1T Product Attributes

Part Number : C06CFR55C-9UN-X1T
Manufacturer : Knowles Dielectric Labs
Description : CAP CER 0603
Series : CF
Part Status : Active
Capacitance : 0.55pF
Tolerance : ±0.25pF
Voltage - Rated : 250V
Temperature Coefficient : C0G, NP0
Operating Temperature : -55°C ~ 125°C
Features : -
Ratings : -
Applications : RF, Microwave, High Frequency
Failure Rate : -
Mounting Type : Surface Mount, MLCC
Package / Case : 0603 (1608 Metric)
Size / Dimension : 0.060" L x 0.030" W (1.52mm x 0.76mm)
Height - Seated (Max) : -
Thickness (Max) : -
Lead Spacing : -
Lead Style : -

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